This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Lily (Senior Staffy Club, fostered Stafford)

31/5/2021 Lovely Lily has found the wonderful, forever home she deserves.
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Lovely Lily is described as a beautiful soul who is so gentle, loving and willing to please. She has settled superbly in a foster home in Stafford provided by Senior Staffy Club and would love to go to her forever home soon. She needs: a secure, quiet garden (minimum 6ft fencing) with no dogs either side; adopters who have the time and commitment for her and are willing to continue her training; adopters also willing to visit Lily a few times to get to know her.

Lily is a neutered, 9 year old, blue (grey) and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She loves her comfy beds, eats all her food, likes to sit with you on the settee whenever you let her, but she will not get on furniture unless told to do so. She is a very sweet, loving girl.

Lily is quite reactive to other dogs, so she needs to be in a low dog population area. At the moment, as part of her rehabilitation, Lily is taken to an off-lead, secure field once a day for her to have a good run around, and she absolutely loves running after a ball. She has such fun it’s a joy to see. Lily will soon be undertaking further behavioural work to help improve her reaction to dogs. An adoptive family who would like to get involved with her training and get to know her before taking her home would be perfect.

Lily is a very sensitive girl so it would be nice if she could build a bond with her new family before she makes the move. Lily will wear a muzzle but at the moment isn’t too happy in it, so the Rescue is training her to make a muzzle more acceptable. With no other dogs to distract her, Lily walks nicely on the lead.

Lily will need a fully secure garden with minimum 6ft fencing and no dogs either side. She loves to lay out in our garden in the sunshine as it is quiet and peaceful, and she will sit beside you on the bench listening to the birds and sniffing the air taking in all the smells. Lily loves peace and calm and would be very happy in a quiet home where she can relax.

Lily’s ideal family would be one with time to spend with her who can be flexible to her needs, so able to walk her at quieter times and able to concentrate on Lily time and ongoing training. She is the most perfect companion to just sit with and a pleasure to spend time with.

Lily will bark when someone comes to the door and is a good guard dog, but she will stop when told to do so and is very happy to greet visitors into the home. She travels well in a car either sitting on the seat (harnessed) or in a crate and is crate-trained in the home. She is happy to be left for 2/3 hours. Lily doesn’t beg for food and she sleeps really well at night in her own bed in the bedroom. She loves to be tucked up with a blanket with not a peep heard till morning.

Lily is good with all people and fine with children, but any children in the home should be teenagers as Lily will be happier in a calm, quiet environment. She is good at the vets and has had a health check with a “very fit and healthy” verdict.

Her foster carer say they cannot say anything negative about Lily except for her dislike of other dogs when out walking. Other than that, she has to be the best behaved and gentlest Staffy they have looked after!
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Could you be Lily’s forever family? If you can’t resist this adorable girl, please contact Senior Staffy Club for an Adoption Form.

Please mention that you saw Lily on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.