Oscar and Ruby (Animal Action Trust, fostered Essex)

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Adorable brother and sister, Oscar and Ruby, are 7 year old, Shitzu/Lhasa Apso Crosses. They are currently living in a foster home in Essex provided by Animal Action Trust and, of course, they are looking for their forever home together.

Oscar and Ruby are very contented, sweet dogs and so cute. They are great company and happy indoors … if kept away from the front window as they will bark at passers-by. They are used to going for 20 minute walks twice daily. They have lived with a cat and are not bothered by children aged 10 and above.

Oscar knows that Ruby is his and he’s happy to tell all the boys that; Ruby will sometimes bark at other dogs too. They are both good off-lead. Oscar is smaller and less energetic than his sister so he is given less exercise. He has the terrier hop of the hind leg and is going to be X-rayed just to make sure he’s alright. The Vet says his patellas seem fine during manipulation.

Oscar is neutered and Ruby has currently just finished her season so she will have to wait for 3 months to be spayed.
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If you can’t resist this adorable twosome, please contact Animal Action Trust as follows:

Phone: Lu on 07905 936863 or 01277 634406
E-mail: askanimalaction@yahoo.co.uk

Please mention that you saw Oscar and Ruby on the Oldies Club website.

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