Paddy (Love Underdogs, Essex)

Paddy is a hugely endearing little dog who has been in a home for a few years before coming back to Love Underdogs due to a change of circumstances in the original family and will therefore be used to all things domestic.

Paddy is an 8 year old, medium-sized Crossbreed weighing 16kg. He needs a loving, understanding and committed, adult-only home and, on the list of ‘musts’, is a family willing to give him lots of cuddles. He is a most affectionate dog and is a smiler! He also needs an experienced home where care will be taken in introducing him to new people and where there will be lots of adventures whilst being vigilant. This would be a dream for Paddy.

Paddy will do great in a home that is perhaps not too urban, somewhere a bit more rural or suburban so that he has the opportunity to go on lots of lovely adventures. He can at times be choosy with people he does not know and he needs to be muzzled if in a public place with opportunities for close encounters, out of precaution. He is good with other dogs but can get a little over-excited at times, so he would do great in a home as an only dog or with a dog he has been introduced to properly and gets on with great. He will certainly be someone’s little wing man.

Paddy travels beautifully in the car (for anyone wanting to take their dog on holidays and trips) and always has a smile on his face. He is a very happy dog with a great ability to make people around him feel equally happy. He loves his walks and adventures, he enjoys cuddling up on a sofa and snoozing quietly in a warm and cosy bed. What more could a dog want?

Paddy has a passport and is vet-checked, vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. He also had to undergo 3 surgeries on his knees for cruciate ligament injuries. It’s all been repaired now and should not be causing any issues as he had both knees done.

NOTE: All dogs go on home trial for two weeks before an adoption. Love Underdogs offer post-adoption support and access to a behaviourist and trainer for the life of their dogs. Adoptions are UK-wide but must be be able to visit a number of times in Waltham Abbey, Essex.
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If you have the perfect home for Paddy, please contact Love Undedogs by filling in their Online Enquiry Form.

Please mention that you saw Paddy on the Oldies Club website.

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