Bella (Leicester Animal Aid)

Bella is a sweet little Jack Russell/Papillon Cross who is looking for her forever home with an experienced and patient owner. She’s currently in the care of Leicester Animal Aid while she hopes her new owner will come along soon.

Bella needs a new owner who accepts her for the quirky girl she is and understands that she is sensitive around her head area and what’s hers is hers! Give her squeaky toys and she will entertain herself for hours. Once she feels bonded with you, she does like interaction but this must be done at her own pace and she will tell you if you are going too fast.

Although 12 years old and looking for a retirement home, Bella is not putting up her paws just yet on those walks. She loves being out and about and she is very sprightly for her age. She requires on-lead exercise when out as her prey drive is very high for an older lady and she will be off chasing those small furries.

Bella is happy passing other dogs at a distance but does want to be the only pet in her new home due to her guarding behaviour, and she will require an adult-only home without any visiting children.
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If you would like to take cute Bella home, please don’t delay getting in contact with Leicester Animal Aid as follows:

Phone: 01455 888257
or fill in an Interested Parties Form here.

Please mention that you saw Bella on the Oldies Club website.

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