Blacky (Bid To Save A Stray, fostered Worcs.)


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Adorable Blacky is a senior Crossbreed boy in foster care in Malvern, Worcestershire through Bid To Save A Stray. He needs a home that’s locally, preferably within 10 miles, as he does not travel well. He’s finding home comforts to be just his cup of tea after his previous existence in Romania.

Blacky is good with other dogs. He’s living with several at the moment. He could live happily with one or two but would be equally happy as an only pet. All he wants from life is comfort, the freedom of a garden to potter about in and the love of a good woman!

Blacky is shy with men and will just avoid them until he’s sure they’re trustworthy. He’s very food orientated so treats certainly help win him over. He’s much more comfortable with women and gets quite attached easily. He’ll follow you round so you have moral support with whatever you’re doing. He’s such a sweetie!

Blacky is not one for big adventures and is not used to wearing a collar. He’s very much a homebody. He’s clean in the house and can be left for a few hours. He doesn’t need walks but he does need a large garden. He enjoys ambling about where he likes both indoors and in the garden, having a roll in the grass or finding a nice place to snooze.

If you can give Blacky the relaxed retirement he seeks and want to find out more, please contact Bid to Save a Stray as follows:


Please saw you say Blacky on the Oldies Club website.

Bid to Save a Stray’s rehoming policy: Bid to Save a Stray (reg charity 1157768) is a UK registered charity rescuing Romanian dogs. All adoptions are subject to application form, home checks and adoption fee of £250 (for dogs in UK) and £375 (for dogs still in Romania) All dogs are imported legally with all the required paperwork.

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