Bonnie (Foal Farm Animal Rescue, Kent)


Beautiful Bonnie is a 14-year-old Cairn Terrier who found herself in need of help from Foal Farm Animal Rescue in Kent when her owner was sadly taken ill. She was being left alone a lot with people popping in to tend to her needs.

Bonnie had her world turned upside down and on arrival she did show some aggressive behaviour toward the staff. Since her arrival Bonnie has had a much needed vet check which included the extraction of 9 rotten teeth and a haircut. No wonder she’d been grumpy!

She was placed into foster care with a staff member and it took a few days for her to adjust to his presence, but has now bonded with him and follows him around. She accepts and enjoys a brush, enjoys her walks and a snooze in the garden and most of all to be close to her fosterer.

He said of her, “Once you get to know Bonnie and what she needs, you will discover a dog that is full of character! She is funny and sometimes moody but in a way that you cannot help but love. She loves a brush now and sitting with me in the garden is her favourite thing to do. She likes her dinners warm and to cosy up with me in the evenings. She really is the sweetest dog once she gets to know you.”

Bonnie is not a fan of other dogs or cats but given space she is happy to pass them by peacefully. She likes to do things her own way. It will take some time for Bonnie to adjust to her new home, therefore Foal Farm are seeking adopters who have had a temperamental dog before and are patient and caring enough to ensure that Bonnie is given the space she requires without any pressure.

Bonnie has lots to offer with a really amusing, cheeky personality. She needs a retirement home with a soft cosy bed and a garden to relax in would be ideal and not forgetting the all important walkies!

If you are the kind person who can help Bonnie feel safe and loved, please contact Foal Farm Animal Rescue as follows:

Fill in Foal Farm’s online application form – click here.
Tel: 01959 572386

NOTE: Foal Farm prefer to rehome dogs in the locality of the rescue so they can offer continued support.

Please say you saw Bonnie on the Oldies Club website.







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