Kaizer (On the Way Home Dog Rescue, Northampton)

Kaizer is a 10-year-old Staffy cross Rhodesian Ridgeback who is with On the Way Home Dog Rescue in Northampton.

Kaizer is really good with children. He has been living with an 8 and a 10 year old and he is amazingly soft and gentle with them.

Handsome Kaizer is loving and caring but also can be demanding and needy, and can sense if his humans are happy or sad. This wonderful boy will do anything to bring some comfort to his people. Kaizer loves to be near you and will try anything for a cuddle up on the sofa or even in bed.

He is not shy about letting his humans know what he wants or needs: whether that be food, water, toys, walks or cuddles. Kaizer is very food orientated and would be brilliant for further training. He needs a new home where his family will have the time to unlock his full potential and allow him to improve, overcome his fears, and build his confidence as, following on from being attacked when he was younger, he is now scared of other dogs. Further socialisation and training will help him in this respect.

Kaizer particularly loves the attention of his female humans, but needs a strong, confident and dominant figure to look up to and keep him in line, as he will push his luck and test boundaries.

He has a great understanding and awareness when he’s around elderly people or children though and he knows that he cannot jump around and play like he wants too, and he is instead very gentle.

Could you offer this wonderful lad an equally wonderful home?

Contact On the Way Home Dog Rescue as follows:

Tel: 07931 637391
Email: info@onthewayhome.co.uk

Please mention that you saw Kaizer on the Oldies Club website.

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