Mika (Rescue Remedies, Surrey)


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Gorgeous little Mika is an 11-year-old Terrier Cross (Bedlington X Fell Terrier to be precise). He’s patiently waiting for his forever home in boarding kennels near Gatwick on the Surrey/ West Sussex border through Rescue Remedies.

Mika needs Terrier or Lurcher experienced owners – who will be very careful he doesn’t shoot out of the front door for an adventure – with an extremely secure garden. He can live with another dog or two if they’re compatible. He can’t live with cats, small furries, featheries or anything resembling a squeaky toy!

Mika is happy walking with dogs he knows and who respect his space. He doesn’t mind other dogs he sees out and about as long as they don’t pester him. He wears a whippet muzzle on walks just to make sure his excitability doesn’t cause an incident. He mostly wants to smell all the lovely smells uninterrupted.

In true Terrier-style he is a really snuggly boy at home…

…and has developed some hilarious quirks, such as his hobby of puddle sampling! One volunteer walker said, “Took Mika out on Sunday with Dougal, Stan & Lenny and it’s nice the way he always respects the other kennel dogs and although keeping his distance once he’s settled into his walk, if one gets too close he doesn’t react and just quietly gets on with his walk. Towards the end of his walk he espied a large puddle and the temptation was too much and in Mika’s mind the more mud in the puddle the better, Dougal looked on amusedly.”

Another said, “I had a great walk with Mika at the end of today, I love the fact that he just rejoices in being such a terrier – his quirky little ways, his cheerful nature, his great sense of curiosity, his affection. We did the circular walk in the woods and Mika alternated between quick bursts of walking and interested bouts of sniffing. I can’t wait to walk him again.”

Lastly another, “Mika is such a brilliant character – resilient, amusing, full of character and life. I had almost forgotten how much one’s life is enriched by walking this amazing dog. I walked him yesterday – first time in a long time and we had a great walk. It was the last of my walks and so great to end the long day’s walking on this high note. He makes me chuckle as he kicks up the earth behind him every so often. He enjoys a brisk walk and yet also enjoys a sniff so the walk is really relaxing. The world needs dogs like Mika. He reminds you of core values of friendship, loyalty and trust.”

Note: Rescue Remedies have specific on-lead requirements for their adopted dogs. They also cannot guarantee to reply to unsuccessful homing application.

If you’d like to find out more about Mika, please read Rescue Remedies’ homing process here, then complete their Homing questionnaire here

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