Tanner (Starfish Dog Rescue, fostered Gloucestershire)

Gorgeous Tanner is a 10 year old, ex-working Cocker Spaniel who is being fostered in an adult home with two elderly dogs provided by Starfish Dog Rescue. This lovely boy came into care when a gamekeeper realised he could not be worked or sold because of his failing eyesight.

Tanner has never lived in a home before so he has had a lot of adjusting. His life before was kennels with big Labradors and working. He is not completely blind but does has limited eyesight – this has been checked out by the Vet and, unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done. There are also various old bites on him and part of his ear has been ripped off. So probably not the best past for the little lad.

He has adjusted to home life remarkable easily though within such a short time span. He has not been neutered yet but has still been clean in house apart from a few accidents in the beginning. He sleeps downstairs without a peep. It’s taken him nearly a week to work out that dog beds are for sleeping in and not the floor bless him. Video of him asleep in his bed here.

Tanner has been fine around the other dogs with no problems at all. He has been out on various walks in the countryside and, using his nose, you would not know there was anything wrong with his eyesight. He loves running around the long grass doing what Spaniels do best and has been off-lead with no problems. Out lead walking. He travels well in the car and walks fine on the lead. He has also been up the local park click here and here.

Tanner has met grandchildren and did not take much notice. It’s doubtful he is used to children but, after seeing his behaviour around them and as long as any visiting kids are respectful, he is safe to have around them. He has been left for a few hours with the other dogs and again no problems.

Tanner has been given toys and loves the ball as all Spaniels mostly do and you have to throw it only a short distance otherwise he cannot see it, but he will do this all day, along with hiding all the other toys; he buries them or puts behind sheds he has not had toys before so he worries that someone other dog will take them.

Tanner is getting more and more settled every day and his foster carer said he is not a complicated dog, just needs time to adjust which he is doing. He is a sweet boy who is learning all about becoming a pet dog now, not a working/kennel dog. A home with someone who has some sort of understanding of this with maybe previous dogs would be preferred. He could live as an only dog or with other dogs – he does not have much interest in the other dogs but is happy to live beside them.

Tanner is still an active boy and needs his walks. He is not going suit anyone who is not stable on their feet because of his failing eye sight. He would love a big secure garden with lots of smells in the countryside as he has never been used to a town.

Before he leaves, Tanner will be neutered, vaccinated, have had a dental, flea/wormed and have had treatment for ear mites.
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If you think you could be the right match for Tanner, please contact Starfish Dog Rescue, or by email to ask for their questionnaire:

Email: starfishdogrescue@hotmail.co.uk

Please mention that you saw Tanner on the Oldies Club website.

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