Tye (Rescue Remedies, Surrey)


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Adorable Tye is an 11-year-old American Bulldog boy winning hearts daily at Rescue Remedies’ boarding kennels near Gatwick, on the Surrey/West Sussex border.

Tye is good with most other dogs and has several kennel buddies he likes going on walkies with. The muddier the better!

Tye is a steady and gentle boy but he has a sensitive side. He can’t live with children and doesn’t even want to meet them as they can be too quick and loud for this older gent. He also guards his possessions if he thinks they might be taken from him.

Tye has had a few sleepovers in respite foster care where he’s able to relax. His foster carer said, “Tye came to stay on Thursday and Friday night. He is such a clever lad. He knows my car and loves going out in it. He adores his walks, be it on his own, or with doggy companions. He grows more affectionate in his sweet, considerate way.

“He did toy guard on his first stay. Now he knows me better I decided to reintroduce toys on this last stay. I completely ignored him and his toy the first night. He would go to pick it up if I was walking near him. 

“I think he now understands that these precious things are his and his alone. By the end of his stay, I was even able to pick it up his toy in order to make his bed and put it back without him showing any stress.

“Tye is such a great dog. He is smart and communicates well. Fully house-trained and so easy in the house. Please consider Tye, ok he is old for an Am Bull but he makes you treasure life in his company. He needs a retirement home without stairs, which unfortunately I can’t offer him or I would home him, but I know there is a fab home out there for him.”

Tye walks nicely on the lead. He is forward going but doesn’t pull and often stops to sniff things. He prefers short walks as he’s not a natural athlete. He has some of the classic bulldog stubborness and if he thinks he’s been taken too far, he might go on strike until enough treats are presented to convince him otherwise! He does have a playful side when the mood takes him.

A volunteer walker said, “Had a lovely time just mooching around with big, old soppy boy, Tye, yesterday. He is good at charming people for treats and enjoys cuddles and a good old scratch. Love him, such a simple undemanding old soul.”

Note: Rescue Remedies have specific on-lead requirements for their adopted dogs. They also cannot guarantee to reply to unsuccessful homing applications.

If you’re the kind, loving human who can give Tye the peaceful, adult-only retirement home he seeks, please read Rescue Remedies’ homing process here carefully, then complete their Homing questionnaire here.

Please say you saw Tye on the Oldies Club website.

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