Winston (Rescue Remedies, Surrey)

Steady, solid Winston is a Staffy Cross of 9 years in the care of Rescue Remedies at their boarding kennels near Gatwick on the Surrey/ West Sussex boarder. He gets on with other dogs out and about but wants to be the only pet at home. He wants all available fuss for himself.

Volunteer walkers at the kennels love how gentle and easy-going Winston is. One said of him, “I took Winston on a walk with a couple of other dogs and walkers today. Winston is a babe, very affectionate and loves a cuddle. He was well behaved walking with the other dogs, with a safe distance just in case. He’s an easy walk as he doesn’t pull and loves attention, so is quite focused on his walker, especially with some praise and treats on offer.”

Another said, “Winston is such a sweet and gentle soul. We had a bit of time in the paddock and did a gentle stroll around the woods. Gave him a bath to help with his skin which he wasn’t too pleased about but not a grumble at all! Very happy to come out into the sun after and roll in the grass!”

Finally, another said, “What a lovely easy gentle dog Winston is. He potters along at a slow pace, involving quite a lot of lying down. He takes treats ever so gently and is a pleasure to be with.”

Winston has lived his whole life until now in a multi-dog household but he really does want to be the centre of attention in his retirement. He’s easy to live with and easy to love. He’s quiet and well behaved, not to mention ever so slightly soppy!

Note: Rescue Remedies have specific on-lead requirements for their adopted dogs. They also cannot guarantee to reply to unsuccessful homing applications.

If you want to find out more about lovely Winston, please read Rescue Remedies’ homing process here, then complete their Homing questionnaire here

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