In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.

Alfie (Lizzie’s Barn Animal Sanctuary, South Wales)

20/6/10 – After the good news of Alfie finding a new home, we have some very sad news. Yesterday afternoon, Alfie was out pottering in the sunshine in the sanctuary garden when he suddenly collapsed and died. Fionna was with him and couldn’t do anything to save him. They suspect the poor little man had a massive heart attack.

The Sanctuary people are absolutely devastated, as are the wonderful family who were due to be homechecked for him today and hoping to bring him home next weekend.

Sleep well, little one.

19/6/10 – Tiny Alfie has proved himself to be a very popular boy and has an excited queue of potential owners lined up for him. Lizzie’s Barn thinks he will be rehomed very soon, so please no more calls!

Weighing in at less than 2 kilos and fitting easily in a flowerpot, Alfie is a fabulously tiny Yorkshire Terrier. He recently lost his elderly owner and is now being cared for by Lizzie’s Barn Sanctuary.

Although his exact age is unknown and he’s not telling, Alfie is thought to be over 10 years old. Because of his late owner’s illness, the poor boy had been neglected for some time and was in quite poor condition when he arrived in rescue.

Alfie has now had a wash and brush up, vet care including a thorough dental and regular meals. All this, along with lots of cuddles, have caused the years to fall off him!

Alfie is a very bouncy, happy boy who adores cuddles. He is lovely with the other dogs at the sanctuary and loves their company, but he is so tiny that he would be vulnerable if left alone unsupervised with other dogs.

Alfie is absolutely fine with cats but again, due to his size, he is liable to be bullied by feisty, confident cats!

Due to his age and size, Alfie will need a home where there are no young children who would want to continually pick him up and fuss over him. He is most definitely a dog and not a toy!

Tiny Alfie just wants a new home where he can gets lots of cuddles and love. Can you offer this little boy the retirement home he deserves?

If so, please contact Lizzie’s Barn Sanctuary as follows:


Please mention that you saw Alfie on the Oldies Club website.

In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.