In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.

Tom (Furry Friends Animal Sanctuary, Surrey)

4/12/12 Poor Tom developed liver failure and sadly had to be put to sleep. Sleep tight Tom :(


Cute little Tom is showing off his new winter look, covered in a blanket! He is a 12 year old Jack Russell/Labrador cross who is looking for a new home through no fault of his own, with the help of Furry Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Tom lived with his previous family since he was a puppy. Lately, however, their grandchild, with whom Tom had always accepted, became mobile with a baby walker. The child ran into Tom with the walker and Tom made the mistake of putting his paws up, scratching the child’s face in the process.

The child’s mother than refused the grandparents access to the grandchild until they got rid of Tom and it was even suggested that they have him put to sleep due to his age. Luckily Furry Friends was able to step and in and stop this from happening.

Tom is a very well mannered dog who loves people. He gets on well with the dogs at the sanctuary, although he does display a bit of food aggression with other dogs, most likely due to him always having been an only dog. This is managed by him being fed separately from the other dogs. Tom has a very good appetite and will finish his dinner straight up!

Tom can live with children over 10 years old or in an adult household. He had not been walked for years when he arrived and was very flabby and out of condition. He loves going for walks now and is very active with excellent recall off lead. He loves meeting new people and other dogs on his walks and greets them all very politely.

Tom had a very nasty lick granuloma on the bottom part of his right leg on arrival. The vet who checked him has ruled out arthritis and, since he hasn’t been licking the area much recently, it was probably caused by boredom. He developed the condition two years ago and the owners said that they could not cure it, yet he has only been at the rescue for a week and it is nearly healed.

Tom’s leg on arrival in rescue

Tom also has harmless and non-painful fatty lump on his left side which has also been seen by the vet and he is not worried about that at all. Due to his age, he does have a weaker bladder than a younger dog so will need more bathroom breaks than a younger dog. He can sleep the whole night without having an accident, but during the day when his body is active, he will need an owner who can let him out when he needs to go so someone working part time or is at home all day would be ideal for him.

Tom can live with cats and small caged animals – he has no interest in chasing them at all.

Tom will be ready to move into his new home once his leg has healed, and it shouldn’t be long now. If you can offer this lovely lad a happy and loving home for the rest of his life, please contact Furry Friends Animal Sanctuary as follows:

Tel: 0208 407 1080 or 0797 356 9371

Please mention that you saw Tom on the Oldies Club website.


Rescue’s Rehoming Policy
Furry Friends ask for a minimum adoption fee of £150 to cover veterinary costs.

In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.