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Super Cooper is a gem of a dog! He’s an 11 year old Lab cross in the care of Freshfields Animal Rescue. Having spent years stressed in kennels, unable to relax and show his true, joyous nature, he now has his very own room! Where he is generally, very clean. Surrounded by lovely solid walls to keep him safe, he’s now optimistic about his future. He wants to be an only pet in an adult only household and he needs his new (very lucky!) owner to spend time getting to know him. A quiet home, steady routine and an owner or two who are kind and confident will make this diamond shine!


Once Cooper trusts you he will want copious fuss and, in particular, cuddles on the sofa. He’s a nervous boy. He finds other dogs and anything unusual pretty alarming (e.g. joggers! Are they running to attack him or running from something even scarier?!). So, he wants an owner who exudes calmness. He’s easily distracted when you know how. Being half Lab, treats are very compelling to him! As are toys…

“Yes please Graham. Can I have the ball? Here’s my paw ‘cos I’m a Good Boy!”

Freshfields have a wonderful trust building process for nervous dogs like Cooper which works brilliantly. But it’s a slow process, taking 2-3 months. Prospective adopters visit at least a couple of times a week, gradually increasing the time spent together and distance of walkies. Working up to whole days and even sleepovers before any decision is made. So, unlike many adoptions of rescue dogs, this is not a gamble because you know exactly what you’re getting and so does the dog. Time consuming but it really works!

“Hey, it’s you again! What shall we play today?”

Did we mention how clever Cooper is? He has a rich inner world. Here’s an extract from his diary about a vivid dream he’s just had, “…I’m with them again! We’ve had some lovely outings together. I’ve even stayed overnight at their house. Such fun! I completely trust them now. I feel like I belong with them!

“We’re approaching their house now. They’ve brought all my favourite things from my room, even my blankie, bit odd that. They open the door and the lovely safe smell of their home floods out. They look at me all teary but smiling and say, “It’s OK Cooper. You can go in. You’re home now!”. My heart leaps with joy and I wake up, feeling the happiest I’ve ever felt. It all seemed so real! Anyway, got to go now Diary. Tina’s here. She says someone wants to meet me…”

You can watch Cooper having fun here or his walkies near the sea here.

“Oh, did you want this walkie talkie? Then you’ll have to chase me for it! Ha ha!”

Cooper really loves company. It’ll suit him perfectly to have someone at home a lot of the time. He is such a bright boy and a good listener too. He’ll get to understand much of what you say and will always agree. Unless you say he has to go to the vets!

“How’s about, you go to the vets and I stay here on my couch? Deal?”

Cooper is very scared of being messed about with in any way but there are practical ways around this. He has to wear a muzzle at the vets and even having one put on him by people he trusts is traumatic for him. So, his new owners need to be confident, calm and become skilled at such things. If people don’t read his warning signs and he feels sufficiently threatened he could bite to protect himself. Taking time getting to know Cooper’s displacement behaviours in times of stress and, with the help of Freshfields staff, how to deal with them will really help with helping Cooper to feel safe.

When relaxed he’s one of the most playful and cuddlesome dogs ever, so it will be time very well spent. In return for your love and understanding he will be the bestest friend you could ever wish for. It would be such a shame if his fearful tendencies lead to him languishing for the rest of his life in stress-inducing rescue life… (soppy voice) because-he’s-such-a-GOOD-BOY! Yes-he-IS!

cooper 2

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Cooper is neutered, vaccinated and healthy apart from a touch of arthritis in his elbow which is managed with supplements and Previcox. If you think you might be the kind, confident person he seeks and want to come and get to know him please contact Freshfields Animal Rescue as follows:

Tel: 0151 931 1604

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