In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.

Henry, the Hoover! (Oldies Club Sponsor Dog)

6 December 2016 ~ We are sorry to have to update Henry’s page with the sad news that he has passed away :-( Our thoughts are with his wonderful foster family who are devastated at the sudden loss. Sleep tight lovely boy x

Henry is a gorgeous 15-year-old crossbreed boy who came into Oldies Club rescue care after his owner moved overseas and then his new owner’s circumstances changed. Henry settled very well into his current foster home.


Sadly Henry was diagnosed with spinal Spondylosis – his spine has fused just before his tail and has trapped the nerves that control his back legs. This gives him a wobbly rear end and can make him abruptly sit down. The vet described it as each leg working independently and often going in opposite directions. He is receiving medication and the condition won’t improve, but his general health is quite good for his age and there’s nothing wrong with his appetite!


Due to Henry’s age and health issues, it has been decided to place Henry in our sponsor dog scheme. This means he remains with his foster family on a permanent basis, with Oldies Club covering his vet bills for the rest of his life.

Henry very much likes to be with his ‘people’ and will follow them around, lie down next to them and watch their every move. Sometimes they worry about him having to get up and follow them, so they ignore their desire to get a drink to save him the effort of having to get up again :-).

He only has short walks now, because he is quite a wobbly boy and likes to take a moment to rest if his person stops to chat with someone. His fosterers take him past the local petrol station during his walks and now that he has discovered the staff will give him a lovely treat each time, he makes sure he is taken that way each day now. Henry is given eye drops because he is not producing tears and he cannot see well in the dark, so his fosterer wears a bright, reflective coat and uses a torch to help keep things visible if they have to go out in the dark.


The vet recommended avoiding hard surfaces as much as possible, due to Henry’s health issues. He enjoys travelling in his fosterer’s vehicle and will lie down and enjoy the chance to rest. He is a slow walker, understandably, and likes to take his time to have a good sniff and ensure his family is walking at his pace. His hearing is not so good, but he does go off lead in safe places.


While Henry is generally friendly with other dogs, he has become annoyed by a few and has become restless if another dog has visited his home, so he is very happy to be the only dog in his home and receive all the human attention. He is a very friendly and calm dog around people, is comfortable and affectionate with the dog-friendly teenage children he lives with and has been lovely with younger children he has met. He enjoys being stroked gently and is happy to spend time with those who respect his space and don’t startle him.

Henry sponsor dog, Oldies Club

Henry is okay to be left at home for short periods of time, but likes to have access to all rooms in the house and is not happy to be left for long periods. His favourite pastime is trying to lick the dishwasher as it is loaded. He has little interest in toys, but is very food obsessed and treat balls will hold his interest from time to time. He isn’t interested in playing and likes to sleep a lot, but he does like to open presents.


Henry’s fosterers told us Henry is an easygoing, handsome and pleasant old chap who loves his food and his bed! He does get very excited when meals are being prepared (whether they are his or not) and will steal from plates or worktops if given the chance.

He snores and does ‘wonky sleep runs’ in his sleep and makes noises with his chattering teeth and jowls.


Henry was looking for a peaceful and slow-paced forever home where he would receive affection and have company most of the day. He also needed people who were able to cope with him having accidents inside the house as, due to his health issues, he isn’t always aware of needing to go or being able to make it outside in time.


We are all very glad and grateful that dear Henry has found such a wonderful forever foster family to take care of him for us in his old age.



If you would love to offer a home to an oldie but your circumstances aren’t suitable, perhaps you would be kind enough to sponsor Henry, or one of the other special oldies we are caring for in our sponsor dog scheme.

In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.