In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.

Hoshi girl (Foal Farm, Kent)


10/01/2017 – We are very sorry to report that beautiful Hoshi is no longer with us and sadly never got her dream to live in a loving new home.  Run free gorgeous girl :(

Hoshi is a very special case, and if we could help this old lady finally find a home, it would really make our year. Please share Hoshi’s sad plight far and wide!

Hoshi is a 10 year old Akita and her name means Star. Hoshi has been at Foal Farm for a long time, mainly because Hoshi is wary of new people. She needs a kind, patient, understanding owner to make her feel loved. Once she trusts you, Hoshi is a gentle lady, but she will need her potential new owner(s) to visit her a number of times for her to gradually get to know you.


To make her home search even more difficult, Hoshi now needs to receive insulin injections twice daily, so her new owner will need to be able to do this. Hoshi has also become blind, so her new owner will need to be happy with the practicalities of looking after a blind dog.

Hoshi has a lovely carer at Foal Farm, Kayleigh, who is hoping against hope that Hoshi will find a new home before it is too late. Kayleigh told us: “Hoshi is sadly now diabetic and as a result of this she has become completely blind. Hoshi needs to receive insulin injections twice daily. Since becoming blind she is looking for more love, but we are still being very careful not to put her in uncomfortable situations. It would be a blessing if Hoshi could live out her last months or even years in a home. As her ‘mummy’, I couldn’t wish for anything better than to see her happy.”

Hoshi with her Foal Farm 'mummy' Kayleigh
Hoshi with her Foal Farm ‘mummy’ Kayleigh

Hoshi needs a home without children and animals. A home with a lovely, big, blind-dog-safe garden for her to sniff around and relax in would be ideal. Hoshi seems to prefer women and would love to live in a female household, but it’s mainly that she needs a gentle approach and to be allowed plenty of time to get to know you. It will take a few weeks/months for Hoshi to trust her new people completely, especially as she can no longer see the person behind a voice. Due to her diabetes, Foal Farm would like Hoshi to go on a long-term foster basis only.


A few more words from Kayleigh: “Hoshi (I also call her Boshi!) has a very special place in my heart indeed, she trusts me so much that I can brush and kiss her face where no-one else can. Hoshi loves her treats very much and will happily sniff them out from pockets and handbags. Basically, Hoshi will do anything for a tasty treat. :)

A photo taken last year, before Hoshi lost her sight
A photo taken last year, before Hoshi lost her sight

Hoshi must be so tired of living in kennels. Could you make Hoshi’s and her Foal Farm ‘mummy’ Kayleigh’s dream come true and offer her the comfortable home, kindness and experience she needs?


If you think you could be the one in a million, wondrous human that Hoshi is waiting for, please contact Foal Farm as follows:

Tel: 01959 572386

Please mention that you saw Hoshi featured on the Oldies Club website.


This replaces Hoshi’s original entry dated 6 March 2015.

In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.