Butch (Love Underdogs, Essex)

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Bright and breezy Butch is a golden crossbreed boy, aged around 8, who’s been waiting in kennels for months for his perfect human to find him. He’s in the care of Love Underdogs in Waltham Abbey, Essex. He’d like an adult only home for his retirement. It’s just possible that he could share it with another calm and friendly dog, as long as introductions go well or he’d be happy as an only pet. He’s not a cat person. Well, we all have our limits!

Butch walks nicely on the lead once he gets into his stride. He is pretty big, at 30kg, so his owner needs to be confident and active. He’s good with a lot of other dogs. He sometimes takes issue with large ones that he doesn’t know, but you can distract him quite easily before it occurs to him to voice his opinion. A bag of treats is a magical thing!

Butch will almost topple over backwards with goodness for a treat!

Butch is a very bright boy and he loves learning new things. He knows basic commands but would relish some extra training and bonding (and treat eating!) with his new owner. He’s not an emotionally needy dog at all, but showing you how good he is will make him really happy!

He’s a laid-back and sensible boy so he won’t mind being left alone for a while. In his kennel, he seems quite content to relax and watch the world go by. A bed with a view onto the garden would be lovely for him. Of course, he’ll be thrilled to see you when you get home. He does love a cuddle and fuss!

This big, old softie has limitless love to offer you. He’ll always be good when he knows how to please you. As with any rescue dog, he’ll need time to settle in. As well as love and understanding if he feels overwhelmed by all the newness.

So many new toys! Where to begin?!

Beautiful Butch will do you proud on a daily basis and he’ll help you appreciate all the most scenic spots in your area because he does love his walkies. Off lead, in a secure field, it’s more like zoomies!

If you can give Butch the peaceful retirement he deserves, please contact Love Underdogs as follows:

E-mail:    adoptions@loveunderdogs.org

Or to fill in their online enquiry form, click here.

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