Gertie (Animal Adoption International, kennelled Essex)

This lovely lady is gorgeous Gertie and, sadly, she has had a tough life. She was rescued from Romania last year after being abandoned on the street and left to fend for herself. Much happier now, she is being care for by Animal Adoption International and is currently in kennels in Essex while she waits for her real home.

Gertie is around 11 years old and she is a sandy coloured, Sheep Dog Mix. She is in good health, especially for her age, and she is fully vaccinated, spayed and microchipped. She is roughly the size of a small Labrador. Gertie has lots of positive attributes and is a beautiful and loving dog. However, due to her tough background, she does have some issues that her UK rescue have been working very hard to overcome so that Gertie can finally find the loving home and her special person that she really does deserve.

Gertie’s new family will need to understand that she is still a ‘work in progress’ but that she is now ready for a permanent home for her to flourish into the fantastic dog she can be. Primarily, Gertie can be very wary of strangers coming into her home and has territorial tendencies, so she needs an experienced home that’s willing to work on this with her.

Gertie is wonderfully loving, affectionate and bonds quickly with her special person. In fact, her face ‘lights up’ when she sees you. She has shown a fear of men (although not all men) so she would be better suited to a home with female(s) only due to this. Gertie can be nervous of sudden movements (probably due to being hit in the past), loud noises and can be a little anxious of noisy traffic, but is improving every day.

Gertie really loves a soft bed and a good snooze during the day, but also enjoys her walks. She walks well on-lead, walks gently and doesn’t pull. Gertie would probably be best suited as an only dog, although she is fine with other dogs and cats and goes out on walks with other dogs. Probably a quiet and calm home would be best, where Gertie has space and time out when she feels she needs it. Ideally an adult-only home (or grown-up children) would be preferable, possibly with a retired person who is home a lot, as Gertie would make a great companion and be great company.

The Rescue is looking for quite a specific home for Gertie but really feels that this lovely old girl deserves a chance. She has had a tough and sad life, but would be such a fantastic companion for the right person willing to give her that chance. With love and patience, no doubt Gertie would bring great joy and happiness.
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If you think you could give Gertie the wonderful home she deserves, please contact Animal Adoption International as follows:

Tel: 07949 552645 (Niz)

Please mention you saw Gertie on the Oldies Club website.

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