This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Lilly (Boxer and Bully Saviours, fostered Gloucestershire)

2/9/18 – Lilly has been adopted!

Lovely Lilly is a 6 year old, snuggly Staffy girl who’s looking for a new home through Boxer and Bully Saviours. She had to come into rescue because her previous owners were working long hours, which made Lilly very sad. We can’t be having sad dogs now, can we?! Lilly is now in foster care, but is looking for a permanent home.

Lilly is really friendly with all humans! She loves a fuss and a cuddle. All attention makes her happy and she likes just being with someone as well. She needs an owner who is calm and predictable, so she always knows what’s expected of her. She has a cheeky streak and if she’s allowed to get away with any nonsense (or even worse, shenanigans!) she would start to feel insecure. Kindness but clarity is what she needs to be contented.

Lilly is brilliant with children of all ages, having previously lived with a toddler. It’s thought she’d do best as an only pet but there’s a possibility she’d get on with a calm, large male. Cats and small furries are absolutely out of the question, which brings us to her particular “specialness”…

Lilly qualifies to be in Other Special Dogs simply because she has such a strong prey drive, that if she sees a cat or a squirrel she will scale or barge through anything less than an impenetrable 6 feet fence in pursuit. So, it’s more of a super power really, but it does mean her new home and garden will need to be high security, for her own safety.

Her special skills also mean she cannot be trusted off lead and she can be pretty strong if distracted. There’s truly nothing like a relaxing stroll in the woods with Lilly… because of the squirrels. However, with a harness and a long line, she is an absolute delight. It’s all such fun!

She generally ignores other dogs when out and about. If a dog approaches her, she doesn’t like being sniffed but since she’s always on the lead when she meets another dog, it’s easy enough to diffuse things by walking away. If you lead the way, she’ll show you what a good and loving girl she is!

If you can offer Lilly the cuddles, company and garden with high fences that she seeks, please contact Boxer and Bully Saviours as follows:

Tel: 07946 650243


Complete an online adoption form by clicking here

Please say you saw Lilly on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.