This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Macy & Snoop (RSPCA Macclesfield, Cheshire)

1/3/2018 Great news that the lovely Macy and Snoop have been adopted.
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Macy (8) and Snoop (12) are looking for their forever (or foster) home through RSPCA Macclesfield but they’re staying at some private kennels in Cheshire. They’d like a pet free home where any children are older and dog savvy. Snoop is Macy’s Dad and he’s certainly passed down the jolliness gene to her!

Despite having been in kennels for months now, Macy and Snoop are irrepressibly cheerful. You just can’t keep a Jack Russell Terrier down! Not when there’s a whole exciting world to zip out in and grass to roll on…

Once they’ve got some of that exuberance out of their systems they like to check out every single smell together. They’re generally good at meeting other dogs. Macy can get over-excited but her intentions are always entirely about fun!

Snoop is the calmer of the two but they’re both sweet and affectionate. They don’t mind being picked up. Snoop is really cuddly. Macy is a bit wriggly. In the kennel environment they don’t get a chance to really relax with anyone. Given how soppy they both are, it’s likely they’ll be happy to snuggle up to you on the sofa, after a busy day of adventures and play…

They are both clean in their kennel so they should be house trained. They travel well in the car too. Having each other for reassurance and sharing the joys of life has helped them stay happy through this uncertain time.

When asked what the cutest thing about them was, RSPCA Macclesfield said, “How they are with each other and when they play with toys. Snoop acts like a puppy. He will play tug with toys and run around with one in his mouth. How he does it is beyond me as he’s got a tiny mouth! Then Macy will try to get the toy, mainly failing, but if she does get hold of it when he has it they play tug and it’s hilarious!

“Snoop is neutered and they are both micro chipped and vaccinated. Macy has had a season while in our care so can’t be spayed for a couple of months. Snoop does have the typical Jack Russell hop and skip with a back leg but this has been investigated by the vet. Our branch carried out an x-ray to ensure there was nothing underlying, thankfully it’s just a touch of arthritis. Macy is also fit and healthy, she had a much needed dental. This pair will melt anyone’s heart, especially the Jack fans out there!”

If you could do with some more effervescence in your life and want to know more about Macy and Snoop, please contact RSPCA Macclesfield as follows:

Phone:  01625 669 620


Please say you saw Macy and Snoop on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Macy and Snoop’s original page dated 20th September 2017.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.