This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Angel & Echo (Loving Homes Dog Rescue, fostered London)

1/9/18 – Angel & Echo have been adopted!

Angel and Echo are an adorable Staffie couple currently in a Loving Homes Dog Rescue foster home in London. Angel is 7 years old and her best pal, Echo, is 5. They love each other very much so need a new home with room for two!

These girls really enjoy their walks and love to have a good sniff around. Angel is quite good on the lead, but Echo gets a little exciteable and tends to pull. She’s undergoing training for this with a few commands to help improve her lead manners, so this could be continued in her new home. Angel has good recall, with a little “selective hearing” now and again, but Echo needs some more work before she can be let off-lead.

Both girls love people and get very excited if they think a cuddle is up for grabs! A simple “sit” will remind them not to jump up though. They would enjoy being in a family home where they’ll get lots of attention, but any children would need to be older.

Angel and Echo would like a home where they’ll be the only pets. They’re not aggressive to other dogs and will walk past others when out on walks, but they’re just used to having each other for company. They love to “play fight” and really enjoy tug of war!

Angel can be a bit anxious about being left, but once she’s used to the routine she’s fine. So in her new home she’ll need any “home alone” time to be built up gradually until she feels more confident.

If you’re a big Staffie fan and are looking for a pair, you should give Angel and Echo a try. You’ll fall in love with them.


To find out more about Angel and Echo, please contact Loving Homes Dog Rescue as follows;


Please mention that you saw them on the Oldies Club website.


Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.