This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Clover (Rescue Remedies, fostered Hampshire)

02/02/18 – Clover has been adopted! Hooray!

Gorgeous AND good, Clover is a cuddlesome 7 year old Staffy girl who’s in foster care in Petersfield, East Hampshire through Rescue Remedies. She finds herself there because her previous owner’s work hours increased and she developed separation anxiety. It’s thought she’d be happy to live with dog savvy children as she’s one of the sweetest and most easy-going dogs you could meet. She just needs a home where someone is around most of the time…

… preferably someone as snuggle-oriented as she is!

Clover would probably do best as an only pet at home, although her foster carer thinks she might be OK to live with another calm dog, after careful introductions. She is generally fine with other dogs when out and about. She doesn’t like very bouncy ones getting too close but she used to walk out nicely with her kennel buddies every day. She’s mostly interested in the adventure, …

…the views…

…and enjoying the sunshine!

Clover’s foster carer said, “She is caring – she will look out for you as well as you  look out for her. She gives lots of eye contact, whether at home or on a walk, she’ll look at you and check to see that everything’s fine and that you’re doing okay. I think in another life she could have been a great therapy dog, or could still be really. 

“She is not overbearing – she will give you kisses if you let her, but it’s not over the top and she is very gentle, she knows when to stop and she is happy just being along side or nearby. Working from home with her around is a doddle, she will just come up sometimes, sit on the floor, her back to you for a back scratch and then go off again. And if you want to play she will play … the only real problem is not cuddling her all the time, but that’s the human’s problem. She loves cuddles!

“She knows all the basic commands and does a great sit, paw, other paw, down, wait and stay. She is a GORGEOUS dog and she would be great for many types of people, including those that are first time dog owners – countless RR walkers love her to bits (including me). She does like someone to keep her company during the day since she has a little separation anxiety – but she’s slowly improving with this and as of this date, she has been fine for two hours all by herself so far, and I believe will continue improving too so that she can be left for longer.

“She loves going on adventures, she loves going on walkies (long or short), she’s very easy to walk, she’s happy to go to a pub, she can cope with new things, she’s happy just being alongside watching the TV. She travels in the car well, she’s clean in the house, she likes being dried down, she’s very easy.”

You can see two more videos of Clover here and here.

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So if you want a cuddly companion called Clover, please contact Rescue Remedies by filling in their online homing questionnaire.

To access it click here.

Please say you saw Clover on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.