This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Hara (Many Tears Rescue, fostered Pembrokeshire)

21/1/2018 Charming Hara has just been adopted and is now with a family in Cornwall, lucky girl.
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Hara is a very loving, well-balanced and charming lady. Having been rescued from Cyprus, she is now happily enjoying home comforts in a foster home in Pembrokeshire, Wales, under the care of Many Tears Rescue.

Hara is a 7 year old, female, Pointer cross and she is a credit to Sirius rescue in Cyprus who have cared for her and their volunteers have gained her love and trust. Hara was found in a village in February 2017 all skin and bones. She went to a foster home in Cyprus until she recovered and she is now in a foster home in the U.K. waiting for someone to offer her a forever home.

Hara is now in lovely condition. She has a gleaming, black coat, is very fit looking too and has a lovely graceful run to her. She has a tail which looks to be docked or at least it’s very short – and it never stops wagging.

Hara is great with adults and kids and loves to be cuddled. She is such a beautiful, sweet and gorgeous soul who likes nothing more than to be held in your arms and covered in kisses, the most loving dog you could wish to meet.

Hara gets on with any dogs big or small, male or female. She will need a dog companion to be chilled and not bouncy or dominant around her, but if a dog is friendly, kind and gentle, she will play with them if they want to. Hara also lives with two cats nicely.

Hara sleeps all night through quietly and sleeps nicely on a leather armchair at night and in the day. She is clean in the house if she has regular toilet breaks. She gets excited when she has her harness put on but was frightened when out in the street for a walk. However, it’s early days for her and she will gain confidence with quiet walks to start with and get used things in time.

Hara is a gem of a dog who deserves a five-star home and, if you have a friendly, quiet, chilled and maybe playful dog companion or companions and you are around most of the day (she would not be able to be left for long periods of time without humans), then she is the very, very special girl for you.
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Could you give this special lady her real forever home? If so, please contact Many Tears Animal Rescue as follows:

Tel: 01269 843084

Please mention that you saw Hara on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.