This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Jack (Private Rehoming, Suffolk)

5/1/19 – We are delighted to hear from Copdock kennels that little Jack is at last in a lovely warm home after being spotted on the Oldies Club website. We are so pleased for him!

Cheerful little Jack is a 13 year old JRT in the care of Copdock Kennels & Cattery in Ipswich, Suffolk. His owner can no longer look after him and he’s been with the kennels, on and off, since December. They are helping the owner to find a wonderful forever home for Jack.

Jack has always been an only dog and would like to stay that way in his retirement. Other dogs are all fine and good outside of the home but there’s no call for them hogging the best bed or getting your human’s affection all the time! As JRTs are such big characters, Jack would like someone with Terrier experience.

Jack Russell’s typically don’t mix well with cats, being great at chasing things. They’re generally robust and energetic dogs, who are usually pretty long lived. And bright? They certainly are! Learning new tricks, agility and finding the best way to point out that you should take them for a walk – are a doddle for them. They need plenty of activity during the day…

.. but are usually relaxed and affectionate, even snuggly, of an evening. Jack isn’t used to children so it’s best if he has an adult only home. What he’d dearly love, is an active retired person who he can follow about all day, being helpful, and then just be with, in companionable peace.

Copdock Kennels & Cattery will carry out the usual checks and have confirmed that they would take Jack in again if the adoption didn’t work out for any reason.

If you think Jack could be the new best friend for you, please contact them as follows:

Phone   07710 055 454


Please say you saw Jack on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.