This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Apollo (Romanian Rescue Appeal, fostered Hertfordshire)

2/2/20 – Apollo has been adopted by his foster family!

Gorgeous Apollo has come back into the care of Romanian Rescue Appeal and is looking for a home again. He has displayed some reactivity/guarding behaviour to other dogs and people and this is almost certainly due to his being a livestock guardian-type breed. So, his new owner must be someone experienced with this type of dog. He needs a loving home with no small animals, no other dogs (unless of similar breed) and no children.

Apollo is a very handsome, large and lovely gent, possibly a Carpathian Shepherd or livestock guardian mix who was rescued from a shelter in Romania. With a gorgeous black and white coat, he is a neutered male and the vet thinks he is probably nearer 7 or 8 years old, even though his passport shows him as 10 years old. He is actually very playful and almost puppyish in his behaviour, has lots of energy and stamina and he can go for lengthy walks no problem.

Apollo is a fabulous dog, sociable and adaptable. Where he currently lives is quiet but he would probably be able to settle into a busier home too. However, he needs an owner who is used to handling male, giant breed dogs, as he is very strong and has a guarding instinct. He can be left for a few hours without problems.

Apollo would benefit from a home with a large garden and a room where he can be fed alone. He currently lives with another dog, but this needs management as he can be dominant around food for example. He would be fine as an only dog.

Apollo would be best in a home without young children (teenagers would be perfect) due to size. He will chase cats. He is currently prescribed Metacam and a long course of antibiotics for a bacterial infection in his paws called Onychitis which means his nails are very weak (the vet believed due to poor nutrition when in Romania).

To see what a gorgeous boy Apollo is, you can watch a couple of videos of Apollo here and here.
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If you love large breeds and would like to offer Apollo his forever home, please contact the Romanian Rescue Appeal as follows:

Or to send a message through their Facebook page, click here.

Please mention you saw Apollo on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.