Archie (Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, fostered Kent)

14/11/19 – Archie still needs a home

It’s hard to understand why adorable Archie has been an overlooked resident of the Battersea Brands Hatch site in Kent for months now as he’s such a lovely lad.

Archie is a wonderful, little Jack Russell/Parsons Russell Terrier mix with bags of personality. He’s 9.5 years old but is still a sprightly lad, though he equally loves lounging on sofas and having a cuddle.

Archie does have some anxieties and does not like being left on his own. He is looking for patient and understanding owners who are at home for most of the time and can build up any time Archie is left alone very gradually. Archie is currently living in a foster home and has done very well with his carers, proving himself to be an endearingly cheeky and affectionate family companion. He would love to live in a quieter location where he can explore his surroundings at his own pace.

Little Archie enjoys exploring the great outdoors and he loves nothing more than cuddling up on laps after a long walk. He walks very nicely on lead and enjoys more of a gentle potter than a run. Archie is friendly with other dogs and happy to meet and greet them on his walks, but he would prefer having his new humans all to himself in his forever home.

Archie’s favourite toys are mini squeaky tennis balls and he is partial to a treat or two as well, and will show his impressive range of tricks before you give him one, including a very cute beg. Archie is a chatty and comical fellow who is waiting for his new owners to come and sweep him off his paws.
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If you would like to offer Archie a comfy sofa on and a calm, quiet lifestyle, please contact Battersea Brands Hatch as follows:

Tel: 01474 875 106

Please mention that you saw Archie on the Oldies Club website.

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