This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Indy & Buster (Ark Animal Rescue, Lincolnshire coast)


13/7/19 – Indy and Buster have found a home!

Indy is a female Patterdale Terrier, aged 7, and Buster is a 9-year-old Yorkshire Terrier boy. They are the best of friends and are waiting at Ark Animal Rescue, on the Lincolnshire coast, for someone to offer them a new home together.

They have been in the same home since they were puppies, but now their owner’s personal circumstances have changed and she can no longer keep them.

Indy is friendly with people, and Buster loves fuss and attention, but on his terms, as he likes his own space. They have lived with children from babies to teens and have been good with them, so can live with children again. Buster is OK with other dogs but is submissive, and Indy can be fearful of other dogs since she was attacked as a puppy. Neither of them has met cats. They would be best in a home where they are your only pets.

Both are house-trained and have been left up to 6 hours. They are cage-trained but are OK to sleep in their own bed. At the Ark they have been friendly with people, but Indy can be possessive of food she takes into her cage. They’re good in kennels and at the vets.

They are fine on the lead and are good off lead and have very good recall. Indy wears a harness and Buster a collar. They like toys, especially tug of war, and their former owner has written a comprehensive list of their likes and dislikes for their new owners to help these lovely dogs settle into their new home.

Indy and Buster have both been neutered and their vaccinations are up to date. They are in good health and eat complete dry food, left down so they can graze throughout the day.

The Ark say of Indy and Buster: “They are really nice little dogs, very affectionate and loving, and staff have grown very fond of them and can’t understand why they’re still with us. They definitely don’t like cats but don’t seem bothered by other dogs around them. They’re very close and need to be kept together. They slept together in the same bed, virtually eat all their food from the same bowl and insist on walking close together; if you try walking one on each side, one will cross over to the other side so they can stay close. They’re also a lively little pair which is why we’ve not managed decent photos of them together!

Contact Ark Animal Rescue and Retirement Home as follows:

Tel: 01507 358140
Email: via the Ark website contact form

Please mention that you saw Indy and Buster on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.