Leo (1 Dog At A Time, Milton Keynes)

Adorable Leo is a 10 year old, medium sized crossbreed boy in the care of 1 Dog At A Time, in Milton Keynes. He’s looking for a tranquil retirement home, preferably in the countryside, in an adult only home and as an only pet. The rescue will cover his future vet costs as he has epilepsy which is managed with medication.

Due to his recently diagnosed epilepsy Leo can no longer live with his current foster carer as she has a child and Leo can be quite disoriented when he rouses from a seizure. He needs a quiet lifestyle.

He’s not happy getting close up with other dogs and this may come from his history of seizures while on the streets of Romania. Poor boy!

He would suit older owners as he prefers daily tootles rather than hikes, but still loves a romp in woods. He does like to snooze too.

He can be nervous in built up areas, so a more rural life would suit this boy’s retirement.

He will remain officially owned by 1 Dog At A Time and vet fees will be covered by them, so this is a long term foster situation. He’s waiting to have a few teeth removed. Not surprisingly, he needs daily brushing, possibly trips to the dog groomers too… because he’s worth it!

If you can offer lovely Leo the peaceful life he’s looking for, please contact 1 Dog At A Time by filling in their online enquiry form.

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