This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Patty (Stokenchurch Dog Rescue, Buckinghamshire)

9/1/20 – At last, pretty Patty has finally been adopted after 793 long days in kennels. We hope she has a wonderful time in her new home!

Patty is a lovely 9 year old Patterdale Terrier who has been with Stokenchurch Dog Rescue since June 2017. They don’t understand why she hasn’t been offered a home as she is such a wonderful girl.

Patty loves attention and is always happy to greet her handlers. She will frequently wait at her kennel door with her favourite toy until someone comes to give her some attention. Her carers have found that when taking her into their on-site home environment, she will follow them around the house, not wanting to let them out of her sight. When she gets settled, she loves to snuggle up on the sofa and cuddle with her carers like a true lap dog. Patty will tolerate being picked up, but she prefers to be on her own four paws.

Patty doesn’t tend to get along with other dogs and so she is muzzled when out on walks, but she is more than happy to walk past them without any issues as long as they do not get into her space. She will need to be the only pet in her new home but she could live with children aged 9 years and over.

Patty loves spending time in the enclosed outdoor areas at the rescue and she loves to chase tennis balls that are thrown for her. She doesn’t quite understand why she should bring them back though, so a second tennis ball may be needed to carry on with the game!

She is a very intelligent girl with lots of energy, so her new owners will need to keep her mind active with activity toys or scent games. Patty loves going out for long walks and would be perfect for active owners who will give her the exercise she needs. Like many terriers, Patty has a strong chase instinct when it comes to wildlife, therefore she is best kept on her lead on walks.

If you have terrier experience and like to go for long walks, Patty promises to be a fun and loving companion. Could you offer Patty the home she’s been waiting for?

Contact Stokenchurch Dog Rescue as follows:

Phone: 01494 482695

Please mention that you saw Patty on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.