This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Rosie (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered Lanarkshire)

14/7/19 – Rosie has found a home!

Beautiful Rosie is a large and lovely Crossbreed girl, believed to be around 8 years old. She’s devoted to her foster Mum who lives in Lanarkshire, Scotland. Pawprints To Freedom brought her to the UK from Romania, where she was rescued as a stray, to give her this chance of a happy life. Her story is quite something…

Rosie was first spotted by her rescuer scavenging on the side of a busy, national road at the height of a bleak Romanian winter. The rescuer had food and as Rosie warily came closer the rescuer could see that she was nothing but skin and bone but could also see by her enlarged teats that she clearly had a litter of pups somewhere.

The rescuer reluctantly made the difficult decision to leave Rosie there – the wary dog wasn’t going to risk coming close enough to be captured anyway – her pups and their welfare were evidently her number one priority before food for herself. The rescuer left the food on the side of the road, hoping that Rosie would at least risk a meal after she’d driven away.

The next few times the rescuer travelled this road she kept an eye out for Rosie and put food down but didn’t see any sign of her for a good few weeks. Finally she spotted her and stopped to try and entice her with food. This time Rosie came straight over and accepted it gladly. She was like a different dog! Tail wagging weakly through her hunger and exhaustion but still loving the fuss the rescuer gave her whilst she wolfed down a meal.

Her teats had shrunk and the complete change in her behaviour led the rescuer to believe that her pups had been weaned and had left her – her whole demeanour said that she’d done what she had to do and now was just so grateful that she was being rescued. A vet check confirmed that she was no longer breastfeeding and so the rescuer took her home and began the slow process of nursing her back to health.

When her one wobbly leg didn’t appear to be improving another vet check and a scan showed up that this brave mother had actually been shot in her back end. Not even this had prevented her from taking care of her little family and rearing them successfully until she was no longer needed. The bullet is still in there – the vet advised to leave it, in case removal caused more damage. She gets around perfectly well.

Today Rosie is affectionate and attentive. She follows her foster Mum around and loves nothing more than a fuss and cuddle. You would never believe that she’s been treated so harshly by humans in the past. She holds no animosity towards them at all. She has learned to be self-sufficient and can happily be left alone for relatively long periods whilst the fosterer goes to work. She walks perfectly on a lead and gets along with dogs of both sexes. She is very sociable with dogs and humans alike.

A mother’s love knows no bounds and will endure unimaginable to protect her little ones. If you can give this special lady the loving forever home she deserves, please contact Pawprints to Freedom, quoting her ref. Lora/RS/1444D as follows:


Or to fill in their online adoption form click here.

Please say you saw Rosie on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.