Walker (Safe Rescue, fostered Norwich)

Walker is so thrilled to have recently come into the care of Safe Rescue from a public shelter in Romania where he has spent the last few years of his life, incarcerated just for the crime of being born on the streets.

Walker is a 7 – 9 year old, medium-sized Crossbreed and is now enjoying life to the full in a foster home in Norwich. He has taken to domestic life now like a duck to water and is loving the new world around him.

Walker is so happy at last to have so much human interaction and is amazed by all that he’s discovering on walks after not leaving his pen for years. He is one of those cases where fosterers are wondering what he must be thinking about the changes in his life now. Does he think they are for keeps or does he fear that they will all be snatched away and he will return to the mundanity and deprivation of shelter life?

Walker is living happily with other dogs at present and has been fine during interaction with children. He is a fit and healthy boy who still would like, and deserves, stimulating walks after all he’s missed out on for so long.

It is a privilege for the rescue to be a stepping stone for this boy into his new life and any adopter will surely be privileged to welcome him into their family. He is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.
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Can you offer Walker his loving, forever home? If so, please contact Safe Rescue, quoting Ref.FR006/0821950, as follows:

Tel/Message: 07544 596250 or 07899 844524 between 9am – 6pm
E-mail: saferescue@hotmail.co.uk

Please mention that you saw Walker on the Oldies Club website.

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