This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Benji (Derby & District RSPCA Animal Centre)

18/5/20 – Cute Benji has been adopted. Wonderful news!

Cute Benji is an adorable 11-year-old Terrier Cross who is at Derby & District RSPCA after his owner passed away. He desperately needs a new home where he can be the centre of your world.

Handsome Benji is a sweet old lad who is very outgoing and energetic for his age. He loves to be out and about, using his brain for training, play and exploring. Benji is a little hard of hearing so he would love the chance to learn some doggy sign language, which he will really enjoy as he is a bright lad and picks up new things very quickly.

Poor Benji is a very clean boy and he hates going to the toilet in his kennel. Although he of course gets regular breaks and walks, kennel life really isn’t ideal for such a fastidiously clean boy, bless him. He also finds the hustle and bustle of kennels a bit overwhelming and this can cause him some frustration. He is a little anxious about being left in his kennel so his new owner may need to get him used to being left. He urgently needs to be in a loving home again, bless him.

Benji is a strong boy and he isn’t keen on meeting other dogs, so he needs an owner who is fairly fit. He is clean and loving in the home and he waits patiently at doors. What a gentleman! Benji loves a game of ball and he likes to select one of his toys from the drawer himself. He is happy to play with you or to entertain himself by chasing the ball around the room.

Benji would be best suited to someone who has had dogs before and who has plenty of time to spend with him as he really is a people dog. He would be fine to live with older teenagers but as he has been used to an adult-only home he wouldn’t want to live with younger children.

Benji will make a fun and fabulous companion. Could you help him?

Contact Derby & District RSPCA as follows:

Phone: 01332 344620

Please mention that you saw Benji on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.