Bentley (Stokenchurch Dog Rescue, Bucks.)

2/8/20 – Bentley is now reserved!

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Cute little Bentley is a 12 year old Jack Russell Terrier type who’s in the care of Stokenchurch Dog Rescue in Buckinghamshire. He’s been waiting for a forever home for a long time. He needs his new owner to make several visits to the rescue to get to know him as he’s shy with new people. He hasn’t been resting on his laurels though!

Bentley loves doing agility! It must be partly the interaction with someone he trusts, partly the treaty rewards and partly the physical thrill of busily running up, down, round and through things. Perfect work for his breed! Sometimes he’ll run up and down the A-frame at the rescue even when no one tells him to. A few sessions of agility with Bentley will certainly help his potential adopter bond with him. Such fun!

Posted by Nat Bond on Wednesday, 4 December 2019


Bentley’s wariness of strangers means he’ll need a quiet, adult only home where life is nicely predictable. He’ll need a space of his own to retreat to so he feels safe. When out and about, it’s best if he wears a muzzle, just to be absolutely sure that his fear of strangers won’t lead to anything unfortunate. Being such a little cutie, people will want to bend down and stroke him. This is obviously pretty scary if your small and shy!

Wearing it will warn people to respect his personal space, as well as put your mind at ease. Sadly, the very idea of this practical and easy precaution will often put off less understanding adopters but he’s as good as gold about having it put on because it means a walkies! His devotion and companionship are well worth this small extra effort.

Bentley wants to be an only pet and a secure garden is a must. If you wouldn’t mind building a small A-frame for him too, he’ll feel right at home!

If you think you might be the kind, understanding person Bentley’s been waiting for, please contact Stokenchurch Dog Rescue as follows:

Phone:  01494 482695

Or to fill in their online contact form click here.

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