Gino (Greyhound Trust Nottingham)

21/5/20 – Gino still needs a home

Gino is a very handsome 8-year-old Greyhound boy who is with Greyhound Trust Nottingham.

This adorable boy has always lived in kennels and he would love to experience a warm home where he can enjoy relaxing on a comfy sofa and have a kind family to call his own.

Don’t let the fact that Gino has always lived in kennels put you off, as older dogs do readily learn new tricks, and greyhounds are such lovely dogs who thoroughly deserve to enjoy a proper home life.

Gino is a chilled-out boy most of the time but he does likes to have a mad 5 minutes running around playing. On walks he’s pretty well-behaved on the lead. When he sees things for the first time his lovely face is a picture as he tries to figure out what they are: bikes and ducks certainly got a strange look! Gino is not frightened though, just intrigued, and he seems to take most things in his stride.

Gino is used to being around other Greyhounds but he hasn’t really mixed with other breeds. However, with a bit of socialisation, he should get used to other breeds quite quickly.

After a long time in kennels, Greyhound Trust Nottingham are really hoping someone will fall in love with this adorable boy. It’s Gino’s turn to be thoroughly loved and spoiled in a forever home.

Could you give Gino the chance to enjoy home life?

Contact Greyhound Trust Nottingham as follows:

Phone: 0115 953 3344

Please mention that you saw Gino on the Oldies Club website.

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