Markos (Animal Adoption International, fostered Leeds)


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Markos is a big, cuddly Pointer Cross of 9 years who’s in a foster home in Leeds through Animal Adoption International. He’s looking for a home with a biggish garden, no other pets and people who are at home most of the time.

Markos loves human contact. He spent years in a Greek shelter so he’s making up for lost time now. He also loves his walkies and needs active owners to go exploring with. He’s a good boy on the lead.

He’s not a fan of other male dogs but usually gets on OK with females. He finds cats and other quick furry things fun to chase. A lot more fun than they find it, even if he is just wanting to point at them!

Markos has settled in to domestic life really well. He’s clean in the house and a loving companion. He does enjoy plenty of garden pottering time as he’s got to get his quota of snuffling in every day.

If you like cuddles and walkies as much as this solid and soppy boy please contact Animal Adoption International as follows:

Phone:   07949 552645

Please say you saw Markos on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Markos’ original page dated 23 July 2020.

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