This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Zeebo (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

4/6/20 – We are delighted to hear that Zeebo has found a new home at last!

Poor old Zeebo thought that he had finally found his new home, but sadly it hasn’t worked out for him with the resident cat. He is back at Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool and desperate for another chance of happiness.

Zeebo is a really friendly lad who first arrived at Freshfields some months ago as his family’s landlord did not allow pets. He was sadly overlooked, probably because he’s yet another older Staffy cross (9 years old). He’s such a sweetie though and easy to live with, he really deserves a chance. He’s good in the home, in the car and can be left for a couple of hours. Such a Good Boy!

Zeebo could live with another dog, after nice introductions, but it would need to be a calm, sensible dog as Zeebo suffered a slipped disc a while ago and he can’t be around dogs that might injure his back. He can live with children from age 12. He’s kind to hamsters, but it is now known that he can’t live with cats.

He’s an easy-going, biddable boy and he has a distinctly silly side!

Not to mention a soppy side!

When he first arrived at Freshfields, Zeebo was suffering with dermatitis but with the correct treatment, this is now easily managed. He has a touch of arthritis in his back legs too. His main worry was his slipped disc and although that has now resolved, Zeebo will always need to be restricted in terms of exercise and running/jumping. He needs a sensible owner who will monitor him and protect him from any risk of further injury. He needs a quiet home rather than an active one, where he will have three 10 to 15 minute walks daily.

Freshfields will provide assistance with the ongoing cost of treatment related to Zeebo’s pre-exisiting medical conditions, however in order to do this he would need to be rehomed locally so that he can attend their own vet. Alternatively they will consider homes further afield if his new owners will cover the costs of his future medical treatment themselves.

Can you help him?

If you’d like to enquire about sweet, gentle Zeebo, please contact Freshfields Animal Rescue as follows:

Phone:   0151 931 1604

Please say you saw Zeebo on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Zeebo’s previous page dated 17th March 2019.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.