This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Banjo (Love Underdogs, Essex)


07/07/2021 – Banjo has been adopted! Hooray!

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Banjo is a calm, quiet, medium sized Crossbreed boy of 13 years who’s been overlooked for far too long, mainly because he’s so unassuming. He’s at Love Underdogs in Waltham Abbey, Essex. He was originally rescued from the streets and has lived in various shelters for most of his life. He’s very loving with those he’s gradually become close to. He has a few quirks and potential adopters will need to visit him several times to build up a bond.

Banjo wants an adult only retirement home. He’s an active, outdoorsy type so he needs an owner who’s similarly inclined. Walkies and garden time are essential. He’s very content when out and about. He walks well on the lead, is good with most other dogs…

…and even enjoys car rides when an adventure awaits him at the other end.

He loves to snuffle in the grass!

It’s at home that his idiosyncracies emerge and they’re fine, as long as he has the right sort of owner. He needs someone experienced with rescue dogs and who is accepting of him, just as he is.

Love Underdogs say Banjo is, “…a very happy and incredibly affectionate dog once he realises you are investing a bit of time in him. We have found that he will be a lot happier as a one person dog. Banjo has been on hometrial before and we found that he bonded very much to one person but was less tolerant of the partner. We do think he will relish being an only dog too. He loves his walks, his food and his friends. He is ok with most dogs out and about, apart from the odd one or two he doesn’t much like, but they are far and few in between.

“Around food he is fine but if he has something that he found himself, something that has not been given to him, he won’t allow anyone to take that off him again. So best not leave too many items of food out to start with! He can be trained even at his age, of course, and he would learn especially if he gets paid well with special treats for it, but Banjo is an old dog, somewhat set in his ways.”

So, his requirements are a bit niche but there must be someone out there who is the perfect match for him. He can be playful and energetic, even at his age…

…and he does a good line in exceedingly soppy too!

Banjo has had a full vet check, dental and blood tests and has a clean bill of health. He’s neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and has his own passport. All Love Underdogs’ dogs are rehomed with a home trial for 2 weeks before a formal adoption and behaviourist support is offered for the lifetime of the dog. Obviously, you’ll need to factor in how easily you can visit the rescue a few times to get to know him too.

If you think you meet Banjo’s exacting standards and might be the elusive soul mate of this sweet boy, please contact Love Underdogs as follows:

Please fill in their online enquiry form, here.

Please say you saw Banjo on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Banjo’s previous page dated 21 October 2020.


Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.