Billy (Dogs Walk This Way, fostered Surrey)


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Billy is a Terrier-type gentleman of around 10-11 years old and has come on in leaps and bounds since returning to Dogs Walk This Way a few months ago. Billy now lives with lots of dogs in a foster home in Longcross, Surrey and whilst he can sometimes be a little grumpy, he is actually starting to play with his new sofa buddy!

He walks out with lots of dogs with no issues and absolutely LOVES his walks. As soon as he sees his lead he gets all excited and even talks to you! He has a wide range of whines, whimpers and mumbles with which he lets you know his feelings on things.

He loves nothing more than a snuggle and cuddles up to any human who wants to cuddle him. He really loves being stroked and nudges your hand and burrows into you when he wants more.

Unfortunately, he has nipped in his previous home however since returning to rescue, he’s been an angel and has had lots of different handlers. He does have an issue with his paws being touched so he needs someone who is respectful of his red lines. He might need to be on pain relief long term for some lameness. Pretty standard for a dog his age and he doesn’t let it stop him having adventures!

Billy would make someone the best, loyal companion. He does need an experienced owner, someone who will ensure he has boundaries. He’s well worth getting to know as he will be your friend for life. He can live with another dog/s after several introductions to ensure all dogs get along.

Billy is house trained and crate trained and can be left quite happily for a while. He cannot live with children as he needs peace at his age but he would be fine with visiting dog-savvy grandchildren. He adores the visiting 4 year old at his foster home.

He loves to play with toys and has lots of character. He cannot live with cats. Potential adopters can have him on a home trial before committing to adopting him. Behind his permanent toothy grin is a matching, sunny-natured and loving soul.

If you’d like to enquire about Billy please contact Dogs Walk This Way as follows:

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Phone: 07713 802349 or message via Facebook

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