This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Chico (Love Underdogs, Essex)

15/4/21 – Great news! Chico has now found a home!


Chico is a dear and lovely Akita lady who has, unfortunately, spent most of her life in and out of kennels through no fault of her own. She’s in the care of Love Underdogs in Essex and is looking for a loving home with a garden, either as an only dog or with another dog. Most importantly, she is looking for a family with older children who will provide her with the unconditional love she has missed out on for so long, a place to curl up for a nice snooze after some playtime.

Chico is 11 years old, an older lady who is still very much young at heart. She does not have the classic temperament of Akitas; she is very affectionate with everyone, playful, mindful, sensitive, well-mannered, strong-willed and simply a kind soul. She deeply treasures every moment she spends with people.

Chico is a happy-go-lucky dog who is great with other dogs on and off lead and is amazing with people. She loves her daily exercise whether that be a walk, off-lead time with her friends, or having a play with the staff. Although she acts young, she is a large breed, older dog, so her new family will need to be a little patient and understanding that she cannot go for massive great distances bless her.

Chico has recently been checked over by the vet who assured that all her joints are in tip-top condition. She is just a little slower but still very much willing. Now it is her finally her time to be appreciated for the caring dog that she is. You can see a short video of Chico here.

NOTE: All dogs go on home trial for two weeks before an adoption. Love Underdogs offer post-adoption support and access to a behaviourist and trainer for the life of their dogs. Adoptions are UK-wide but must be be able to visit a number of times in Waltham Abbey, Essex.
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If you would like to offer this lovely lady her loving home, please contact Love Undedogs by filling in their Online Enquiry Form.

Please mention that you saw Chico on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.