This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Corky (Romanian Rescue Appeal, fostered W. Sussex)


31/10/201 – Corky has been adopted, having been spotted on the Oldies Club website! Hooray!

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Corky is an affectionate, 7 year old Crossbreed boy in foster care in Horsham, West Sussex through Romanian Rescue Appeal. He’s looking for an adult-only, preferably female-only home where lots of fuss is on offer.

Corky is a very bright boy! He’s extremely responsive and, usually, eager to please. If you tell him to go to his bed or come away from the front door he does so straight away. Sometimes his cleverness makes him a bit stubborn. Bribes can help persuade him but, sometimes, you just need to brook no refusal about whatever it is and be more stubborn than him. Perhaps he likes to test his human is still as clever and sensible as he is!

Corky is a joy to take out for walks. He gets on really well with other dogs, from bouncy little puppies to big, grumpy dogs. He’ll observe the mutual sniffing niceties and offer to play wrestling if the other dog seems game. If they tell him to back off, he’ll go submissive and apologise for troubling them. What a star he is!

Corky is scared of sudden loud noises and if one startles him, he will try to bolt homewards so he needs to be kept on a lead or long line in areas that aren’t secure. He’s friendly with all humans he meets out and about (even in pubs and cafes) but has a fear of some men in his home. This is why he needs either an all-female home or one with a couple who can patiently let him work out that he can trust them both, in his own time and with the help of treats. He’s naturally a relaxed and happy boy…

…with a need to snuggle.

Corky loves having company but he can be left for a few hours. He needs his morning walk but will then happily snooze in his bed and on the sofa until his evening walk. He does like to play as well. His favourite toy is his squeaky pheasant. It’s though he’d better not live with cats or small furries in case he tries to play with them!

What he loves most of all is fuss. He will tell you when he requires stroking by pawing at you or grunting meaningfully. He’s altogether a loving and amusing boy who’s easy to live with.

Corky is neutered and healthy. He can be rehomed anywhere in the UK to the right home, as long as his adopter is willing to drive out to meet him in West Sussex.

If you have the right type of home and personality to be Corky’s forever human, please contact Romanian Rescue Appeal as follows:

or message via their Facebook page.

Please say you saw Corky on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Corky’s original page dated 28 May 2021.



Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.