Frankie (South East Dog Rescue, fostered Kent)


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Frankie is a gorgeous Akita Cross of around 10 years. She’s in a foster home in Kent through South East Dog Rescue waiting for a special retirement home. It needs to be adult-only, within travelling distance of her regular vet in Dover and she wants to be the only pet. She’s an easy-going, loving lady.

Frankie loves relaxing in the garden! She can’t have much exercise, two 15-20 minute walks a day, but she does need a good garden. She finds other dogs a source of stress so she doesn’t want any neighbouring dogs. Seeing Frankie luxuriating is a joy to behold.

Frankie can be left for a few hours and is very good. She has an orthopaedic bed as one of her knees is dodgy. She takes pain medication and a supplement for it. This is why her exercise is limited and she shouldn’t go up stairs either. The condition is manageable but will never go away. Luckily it doesn’t interfere with her main hobby in life…

Typical of the Akita breed, she’s impeccably clean in the house and will ask to go out when she needs to. She’s also a typically strong character and good at keeping humans in line while still being well mannered and charming. On walks, she definitely knows which way you should be going!

She’s a playful girl who loves her toys. She’ll sometimes mistake a discarded shoe for a toy but will happily swap it for a proper toy! If she gets overexcited she’ll sometimes mouth but it’s just playfulness. Her foster carer finds that if she gets overexcited about visitors then putting her the other side of a dog/child gate for a few minutes will calm her down. Then she rejoins everyone when she’s got her sensible head on and all is well. Yes, she’s a character!

Frankie is a sweet, funny girl who will delight on a daily basis. She’s on a special type of dog food for sensitive tummies and it suits her very well. She’s easy to live with and to love, as long as all her needs are met.

If you have the right type of home, within travelling distance of the rescue’s vet in Dover and are suitably enthralled by Frankie, please read through her profile on South East Dog Rescue’s website here and then contact them as follows:

Ask for an application form by email:

Please say you saw Frankie on the Oldies Club website.

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