Laska (Romanian Rescue Appeal, fostered Hertfordshire)

Romanian Rescue Appeal would love to hear from prospective adopters for this beautiful and gentle older lady. Laska arrived from Romania earlier in the year and is ready to find her forever, adult home with a friendly resident dog, cat or small animals.

Laska is a medium size, neutered Crossbreed lady who is said to be 11 years old but it’s believed she is younger, around 8 years old, and weighs 20kg. She is learning to enjoy her home comforts in foster care in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. This lovely girl has a sweet nature, with a calm and placid personality. She is nervous and shy, but shows lots of potential.

Laska would love to be in a home with another friendly doggy companion who can show her the ropes and help her gain in confidence. She is living alongside a resident cat with no problem. With lots of encouragement and positive support, Laska is growing in confidence. She would love to be in a home where someone is close by and around most of the time.

Laska is happy to sleep the day away and is at her happiest pottering around the garden or lying in the sunshine. Therefore, a home with a secure garden is essential. She has lovely manners, knows how to sit and stay, shows no aggression around food and takes treats very gently. She sleeps through the night with no issue. Household noises don’t bother her and she travels well in a car.

Laska loves a good back scratch and likes a daily groom too! She will follow you around the garden and hasn’t quite worked out how to play yet. However, she is a bright girl with a hint of mischief in her cheeky face. She is still nervous of her head being touched, but this is improving with lots of reassurance and time. As such, she is reluctant to have a lead and harness on and this is very much work in progress. For this reason, Laska will need adopters with lots of love, time and patience to continue to build her trust and confidence. Experience of nervous and/or rescue dogs is essential.
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If you are interested in giving this lovely older lady her forever home, please contact Romanian Rescue Appeal as follows:

or message via their Facebook

Please mention that you saw Laska on the Oldies Club website.

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