This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Mel, Molly & Jenny (Starfish Dog Rescue, Gloucestershire)

Mel – left, Molly – centre, Jenny – right

27/4/21 – Wonderful news for this beautiful trio – they have found a new home!


The best things come in threes. If you have room for a readymade trio, take a good look at Mel, Molly and Jenny who need to find a new home together. They are with Starfish Dog Rescue in Gloucestershire.

Mel is a 6-year-old Chinese Crested girl and is the smallest one without much hair. Molly is an 8-year-old black & white Chinese Crested Powder Puff with big ears. Jenny is an 11-year-old Chinese Crested Powder Puff and is the little brown one. They are being fostered in a family home with adult children, three dogs and two cats.

These three little girls have recently arrived at Starfish because their owner was no longer able to care for them properly and was ill in hospital. Unfortunately the girls have been neglected for a long time and are timid and very hand shy. Their coats were in a terrible state and their nails so long they had bent over, and on poor little Jenny were embedded in her coat as it was so thick.

They went to the vets where they had their nails cut, started their vaccinations, and are booked in for dentals and will need to be spayed. Then to the groomer, who was horrified, especially at Jenny’s coat as the groomer said she had never seen anything so bad. They were very good with the groomer, even though at times it must have been painful. They were there for 3 hours, and even little Mel, who is meant to be hairless, needed her coat cut back.


The girls were show dogs a long time ago and graced the rings of Crufts etc., but they do not seem to have had the best of lives and for many years have not even left the house. Jenny was especially timid and would visibly shake.


Happily, the girls are now responding to their foster carers and are starting to feel safe and much more comfortable and relaxed. Decent food, a routine and kindness have helped enormously and they have not been much trouble at all. They sleep in the utility room, which was their safe place when they first arrived. They are just there at night time now, and all sleep together in a basket. They eat together and are very closely bonded, hence them needing to stay together, especially after all they’ve been through. They are very sweet dogs who just want to be loved.


They are very good with the other dogs and the cats. They are all clean in the house. Molly, although very friendly, is the more nervous one when outdoors and looks around worriedly. Mel is still very babylike and more confident when out, and Jenny is confident when out which is surprising. They are having quiet walks and gradually getting used to new experiences.

Could you offer this very special trio of sweethearts a happy home full of love where they can gradually relax and enjoy the rest of their lives together?

Contact Starfish Dog Rescue as follows:

Email: for a questionnaire.

Please mention that you saw them on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.