Molly (Holbrook Animal Rescue, West Sussex)

Sweet Molly is a quiet girl that likes to know what is going on but doesn’t feel the need to be in the centre of any activities. Holbrook Animal Rescue in Horsham, West Sussex, are helping her to find her perfect home and they would like Molly to be rehomed in the area as she will need multiple visits.

Molly is approximately 10 years old and is about 20.5 inches to the shoulder. She would like an adult home as the only pet. Molly has settled well with the majority of dogs at Holbrook. However, she often finds the bustle surrounding the other dogs too much to cope with and, therefore, Molly would be best suited in a home as the only dog providing she gets to socialize with other dogs when out on walks, etc. It’s not known how Molly is with children or cats.

Molly loves attention from people once she gets to know and trust them. Once she opens her heart to you, she will show you the fun, playful side to her personality. She can be unsure in certain situations and will need experienced guidance to help build her confidence. She is a plodder, not a runner, and likes to take things at her own pace. Molly does not cope well with a busy environment. She joins the group walk each day and likes to wander along at her own speed. She is not off-lead yet and this will need training in her new home. Until this is achievable, the use of a long-line is recommended.

Molly will need someone home much of the time to help her settle. A home with rescue dog experience and a family who will acknowledge that Molly will need time, patience and understanding to help her feel like she belongs would be perfect. She took time to settle at the Rescue and probably she will be the same with her new family. Therefore, her new home must have a good-sized garden that is fully secure with a 6ft fence all around.
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If you think you can give lovely Molly the home she is looking for, please complete the Holbrook Animal Rescue Application Form here detailing why you feel you can give Molly the home she is looking for and please use the form to advise on past rescue experience. Adoption donation and home-check apply.

Please mention that you saw Molly on the Oldies Club website.

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