This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Ollie and Lola (Starfish Dog Rescue, fostered Gloucestershire)

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18/12/2021 Cute Ollie and Lola have a lovely home to call their own now.
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Cute couple, Ollie and Lola, are being cared for in a foster home in Gloucestershire provided by Starfish Dog Rescue. They came into rescue together but it’s now thought they could possibly be separated. They both need to live with quiet, older people due to their terrible life before.

Ollie is a Chihuahua, approximately 7 years old and Lola is a Chihuahua/Terrier Cross (not sure what, but possibly Border Terrier looking at her coat), approximately 4 years old and being fostered in a family home with dogs and cats.

It is believed that Ollie and Lola were being kept outside – poor Ollie had terrible skin, he looked like he had been suffering for a while where he had fleas and had a reaction to them but received no treatment and poor Lola was so terrified, no-one could get near her. Little Lola had been bred from but the puppies died unborn. They were living at a property with other entire males and bitches.


Lola was so very timid when she came in and did not trust anyone at all. Now she is nothing like the terrified little mite that arrived. Once she knows you, she is a cheeky, loving, little girl full of character and fun and she is gradually getting used to the people in the house. She is a bit of a bossy madam with the other dogs but they are all boys and take no notice of her, even Ollie whom she clearly adores and vice versa. She is fine with the cats but again forgets herself sometimes and goes to chase them, but you only have to tell her and she listens. She is a very bright, clever little dog.

Lola is clean in the house and travels really well in the car. When strangers visit, she does bark but this is being worked with treats; it’s a fear thing with her and she is responding and is like a little angel once she trusts you.


Little Ollie was suffering greatly with his skin and has now received the appropriate treatment and it’s clearing up nicely. He is also underweight and is being built up. While in care, he suffered a seizure, not a bad one, soon after arriving and, like Lola, he arrived highly stressed. He has been also neutered so a lot had happened. On vet’s advice, he is being monitored and she thinks the kind of seizure he had will not need medication and his skin is clearing up, he is putting on weight and his world is more chilled now. If he did need treatment, the tablets would be approx. £10 per a month with 6 month or yearly blood tests which are approximately £150 each.

Ollie is an absolute sweetheart and is the sweetest gentlest little boy. He just wants love and cuddles. He clearly adores Lola too and has been fine with the other dogs and cats. He is a quiet, affectionate, little chap who wants a quiet life. Like Lola, he travels really well in the car and, apart from a few accidents to begin with, he is clean.

You can watch lots of videos of them here.

Both Ollie and Lola have not had the best care or lives. At this moment in time, they are looking for a home together, but it’s possible they could be rehomed separately if the right home came up. Both are lap dogs; Ollie is a very quiet gentle boy, Lola loves cuddles but is quite active and loves playing and chasing a ball once you have gained her trust.

They will not suit a busy family or children and need a quiet, adult home not in a busy town with people who have had experience of rescue dogs as it will take a few days, especially Lola, to bond with you. Both dogs will be neutered; they have both started a vaccination program, flea/worm treatment, etc., before they are rehomed.
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Ollie and Lola deserve a forever, loving home and, if you can give them the perfect home they need, please contact Starfish Dog Rescue or by email to ask for their questionnaire:


Please mention that you saw Ollie and Lola on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.