Shep (South East Dog Rescue, fostered Kent)

This rather handsome chap is Shep and he is a 14 year old Retriever Cross. He is currently being cared for by South East Dog Rescue in a foster home in Dartford, Kent, and you should be willing to meet him in his foster home should you wish to adopt him.

Shep may be an ‘older’ dog but boy, there’s still plenty of life left in him His friends at SEDR think that he is a bit like an older version of ‘Dug’ from the Pixar film, Up. He gets very excited when he sees other dogs and will bark and attempt to pull towards them so you have to be physically able to manage him in these situations (especially as he is deaf and will not respond to voice commands). Once he gets closer to the dogs, he s much calmer and has never shown any aggression towards them.

Shep absolutely loves walks and cannot wait to go on new adventures. He adores meeting people, so much so that he can be too friendly, especially if offered a biscuit (and if you’re a delivery driver, he may end up hopping in your van!). He can be quite bouncy too and could inadvertently knock over little ones. Additionally, as an older boy with slightly wobbly legs, he probably will not want little ones bothering him, so any resident children will need to be aged 12+. However, his friends at SEDR see no reason why he would not accept young and respectful visiting children.

Shep is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He is quite deaf and needs an owner who understands that he can be quite vocal when excited. Therefore, a person/family who can continue to teach him hand signals that convey what you want from him will help to calm him down, as it has done in his foster home. Shep would thrive with an active, older person/couple and could live with an older, calm and confident dog, but would be just as happy as an only boy, getting all of the fuss. Unfortunately, he cannot live with cats or other small furries.

Shep’s foster family reports that he has no separation anxiety and that can be left for several hours whilst they pop out. If you are home and shut the door on him though, he will bark to let you know that he wants to be a part of what is going on. He is not destructive either and has shown absolutely no signs of resource guarding whatsoever. He absolutely loves toys and will happily occupy himself with them.

Shep is a very good boy and will let you know when he wants to go for a toilet break though he does get occasional bouts of urgency and just cannot get to the toilet in time. A consistent feeding/toileting routine will hopefully minimise incidents. He has been diagnosed with arthritis in his back legs and has responded very well to Loxicom.

Shep is a beautiful, older gentleman and he still has a lot of life, love and laughs to give. Please watch his video here.
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If you would like to give Shep the very best home in his twilight years, please complete an SEDR Adoption Form here, or as follows:


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