This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Stormie (Forgotten Souls Rescue, Lincolnshire)

21/08/2021 – Stormie has been adopted! Hooray!

Cutie girl Stormie is a 12 year old Crossbreed lady, probably with some King Charles Cavalier in her make up. She’s currently in a foster home in the Lincoln area through Forgotten Souls Rescue. She can live with cats and would like to live with other dogs.

Stormie was found dumped in a field in her native Romania. She came to the UK after she was saved by a local lady who got in touch with the rescue.

Stormie is strong willed, her sweet face belies a forceful but loving personality. She is not scared of people but needs time to trust them. She has obviously been neglected and fed on scraps and had to fend for herself to a certain extent. She is an intelligent little dog who seems to pick things up very quickly. She sleeps in a dog bed in the bedroom at night and wherever seems most comfy during the day!

Despite her age she’s active, walks briskly and can jump. She likes to mooch around the garden and has not shown any inclination to dig. She has not been destructive inside either.

Stormie has cataracts and her eyesight is poor. Her hearing does not appear to be that good either. She’s a good girl in the car and just sits quietly. She is house trained if allowed regular access to the outside. She does indicate when she wants to go out by pacing about. She can be left for a couple of hours but is happier when resident dogs are with her. When left on her own for a long time there are indications that she is unsettled so she definitely wants company, human or canine, most of the time.

She enjoys long walks and likes to sniff everything. She’s friendly to people and dogs that she meets but is a little nervous of much bigger dogs. In foster, she ignores and is respectful of cats even when provoked. She’s fine with traffic on walks unless it’s very loud.

Stormie’s strong views come from her time surviving on her own and possible partly just her mature outlook. She is vocal and will bark or whine if she wants something or is not happy about something. She will raid bins and reach up onto tables to look for food. If you need her to do something that she does not want to do, she will nip if really pushed. All understandable and possible to work around. She is basically a sweetie and getting happier and more playful by the day. She just needs an understanding owner and a garden to potter in.

If you might be Stormie’s forever human, please contact Forgotten Souls Rescue via Facebook or as follows:


Please say you saw Stormie on the Oldies Club website.


Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.