Tally (RSPCA West Hatch, Somerset)

Gorgeous Tally the lurcher is about 10 years old and she has sadly been through the wars. She is at RSPCA West Hatch, near Taunton, waiting for someone special to offer her the loving home she so deserves.

Please note these important points for Tally’s new home:

  • For medical reasons, she can’t be spayed, so cannot be rehomed with an unneutered male or a dog that is likely to become affected by her being in season.
  • Tally needs a reasonable sized garden with 6ft fencing. It cannot be lower than this.
  • Tally needs to be walked wearing a muzzle.
  • Tally needs to be rehomed locally to Taunton, Somerset, so that she can return for a further dental procedure (free of charge) once she has been adopted.

Tally was originally abandoned in Wales and was taken to the RSPCA West Hatch Animal Centre by an RSPCA Inspector. She was covered in wounds and had extensive damage to her face and mouth. It is believed that she had been used as a hunting dog. Tally has had a long period of healing and has had to undergo dental surgery. She is now able to finally find a new forever home.

It quickly became obvious that Tally was really unhappy in kennels, so she joined the Deputy Manager daily in her office and proved to be the perfect office dog and couch potato. Tally has also spent the last few weeks in a foster home getting to spend her days sleeping on an even bigger sofa and having lots of cuddles! She is housetrained, travels well in the car and could be left for short periods, although she would much prefer to have company most of the time.

Tally doesn’t mind the presence of other dogs, but tends to ignore them until she has formed a strong bond. Due to this she could live with a calm, friendly neutered dog, but she would also manage fine on her own. Unfortunately due to her background she can not be rehomed with any other animals. Because Tally has spent her life hunting, she needs a very secure garden with at least 6ft fencing. Although she spends most of her day lounging, she does still have moments where she becomes alert, and can easily jump 4ft from a standstill if she decides she wants to. She is currently being fostered in a home with 6ft fencing, and has not tried to jump this.

Tally is a sensitive girl who would be best suited to a quiet home. Children would need to be aged 11+. She enjoys pottering out on a gentle lead walk, and is happy to wear her muzzle. Tally takes a while to fully trust people. In her new home she may not want to eat much initially, and may be quite reserved, but when allowed to settle in her own time in a peaceful environment, her adorable personality begins to shine through.

Tally will need to return to the RSPCA West Hatch Animal Centre for further dental work (free of charge), and they will arrange this with the adopter once she has been rehomed.

Could you offer wonderful Tally a very happy future?

Contact RSPCA West Hatch as follows:

Email: whdomcen@rspca.org.uk and they will email you an application form. If you could include details about the height and security of your fencing it would be most useful.

Please mention that you saw Tally on the Oldies Club website.

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