Tia & Jack (East Anglia Dog Rescue, Ipswich)


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This cutie twosome are Jack (left, age 12) and Tia (right, age 8). They’re in foster care in Ipswich through East Anglia Dog Rescue. They’re very closely bonded and need a Staffy-loving home together, within East Anglia. Preferably with a sofa they can snuggle up on.

They want to be the only pets at home. On walks, they’re generally good with other dogs and will just ignore any they pass. That is, unless they meet a pushy, up-in-your-face type, in which case Tia might have a word with them as she doesn’t hold with rudeness.

Tia on the left and Jack on the right

These solid, cuddly dogs are actually a bit slimmer now than in all these photos. They’re both active and love their walks but Jack is definitely inclined to snooze more of the time than Tia.

Both are keen on toys. Tia’s love of toys means they can only live with either older, dog savvy children or none at all. She’s a bit grabby, believing that all toys are rightfully hers. Somehow they always seem to disintegrate quite quickly but she really makes the most of them while they’re still intact!

Tia and Jack are very well behaved in the house, completely clean and can be left for a few hours. If they’ve got each other, they’re relaxed.

Jack has a few lumps but these have been checked and are nothing to worry about. They’re both fit and loving dogs with a lot of walkies and cuddle-time to offer. Could you do with two adorable best friends?

If Tia and Jack might be just right for you, please contact East Anglia Dog Rescue as follows:

Email: eastangliadogrescue@gmail.com
Or complete the Adoption Enquiry form on East Anglia Dog Rescue’s website.
To message them through their Facebook page click here.

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