Ace (All Dogs Matter, North London)


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Soppy boy Ace is an 8-year-old Lurcher in the care of All Dogs Matter in North London. He wants to be an only pet, have a good garden and for any children at home to be 14+ years and kind.

Ace loves getting out in the countryside. He’s not a fan of unknown dogs so prefers to be walked at quiet times and places. Most Lurchers don’t actually need a lot of exercise. A bit of a sprint in a secure area is always fun and getting out to see the sights is cheering but they’re not the busiest of breeds. Elegant, loving, couch potato is a typical Lurcher, as is being ready to chase any small furry thing that moves quickly, like cats!

Lurchers, with their placid and gentle nature make really lovely pets, even when they’ve retired from a working life. They do have particular needs, nothing too demanding but they must have the right sort of conditions. Routine, a secure garden, comfy places for lounging and lots of fuss are high on their checklist.

If you want to find out more about lovely Ace, please fill in a Rehoming Questionnaire Form here and a member of the team will get in contact within 48 hours, or for further information, contact All Dogs Matter as follows:

Tel: 020 8341 3196

Please say you saw Ace on the Oldies Club website.

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